Asp.Net Training

Asp.Net Training

Asp.Net Training

The ASP.Net  Training course includes all the basic and advance level topics required to build web applications in a live Project environment using C#.

This course will prepare you to learn advance level web application development using Asp.Net. Course will give you thorough knowledge of Asp.Net, C#, Sql, Web Page designing, 3-Tier architecture, Javascript/jQuery, CSS. You will get the live project development environment. Build your logic, understand concept of different technology, confidence building.

This course has been designed for freshers and experienced who want to start a career in Asp.Net development.


  1. Basic Fundamentals

    -- OOP concepts and understanding
    -- Basic understanding of Web technology
    -- Client- Server understanding
    -- HTTP Protocols and how does it work
    -- Server & IIS configuration
    -- Framework & .Net Architecture Introduction
    -- SQL Server Introduction
  2. Asp.Net & Web Introduction

    -- Introduction to 3 tier Architecture
    -- Introduction to ADO.Net
    -- Introduction to Asp.Net Web Controls & AJAX
    -- Introduction to Asp.Net & C# Core: Session, ViewState, ApplicationState, Cookies, Get, Post, Events, MasterPages, Global.asax, Web.config, Assemblies, Web Services & All major concept clearing
    -- Introduction to Javascripts, jQuery, Bootstrap, Responsive Layout, CSS
  3. Introduction to SQL

    -- Introduction to Indexes, Keys, Joins, Cursor, View, Function, Triggers, Normalization, Stored Procedures
    -- Practice of all important queries: Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Joins, Cursor, Triggers
    -- Practice of Designing small database
  4. Small Modules Practice

    -- Practice Session of Developing Small Modules
  5. Project Development

    -- Project Development in environment similar to live project important
    -- Practice for planning, organizing, structuring project development
    -- Practice for large scale database designing & planning
    -- Practice of Developing Different Layers
    -- Practice of Designing Basic Responsive Web Pages using Bootstrap
    -- Practice of Developing logic & coding for different modules of project
  6. Interview Preparation

    -- Preparation to face tough level interviews at companies
    -- Confidence building
    -- Preparing professional resume