Joomla Training

Joomla Training

Joomla Training

Joomla! is a free and open source content management system (CMS) designed to assist developers in building websites and other online applications rapidly. Many aspects like its ease of use , MVC architecture , extensibility , big community and great marketplace have made it one of the most popular website software.

With Joomla as a platform you can make custom , scalable  and complex web applications.

After completing this course you will be able to build custom components, modules , plugins , theme in Joomla which are the base of Joomla.


  1. Basic fundamentals

    -- OOP Concepts and understanding
    -- MVC architecture understanding
    -- Server Setup & Installation (Xampp)
  2. Introduction to Joomla

    -- Introduction to Joomla
    -- Joomla Installation & Configuration
    -- How Joomla works
    * Control Panel
    * User manager and access levels
    * Article manager
    * Module manager
    * Plugin Manager
    * Template Manager
    * Extension installation
    * Upgrade options
    * Tools
    -- Understanding Component/Module/Plugin/Languages
  3. Advanced Joomla

    -- Understanding Flow of Execution
    -- Custom Module development
    -- Custom Component Development
    -- Custom Plugin Development
    -- HTML to Joomla Theme Conversion
    -- Custom Languages Installation
    -- Custom Library Integration
    -- Debug Joomla
    -- Basic guidance on Migration between 2 versions
  4. Small Modules Development

    -- Assignment 1 : Build custom component for given requirements
    -- Assignment 2: Build custom module & plugin for given requirements
    -- Assignment 3 : Convert HTML into Joomla theme Project
  5. Project Development

    -- Project Development in environment similar to live project important
    -- Practice for planning, organizing, structuring project development
    -- Practice for large scale database designing & planning
    -- Practice of Developing Different Layers
    -- Practice of Designing Basic Responsive Web Pages using Bootstrap
    -- Practice of Developing logic & coding for different modules of project
  6. Interview Preparation

    -- Preparation to face tough level interviews at companies
    -- Confidence building
    -- Preparing professional resume