Web Designing

Web Designing

Web Designing

Niche your designing skills by taking this course. Learn & Make career in Web Designing. Learn all latest technologies used by the industries, this course covers Basic HTML, CSS, HTML 5 , CSS 3, Bootstrap, Parallax, SVG, Material Design, SEO, SMM, Javascript, jQuery, Web hosting. This course will make you confident web designer and prepare you to work in challenging environment.


  1. Introduction to HTML & CSS

    -- Introduction to HTML tags
    -- Introduction to CSS & CSS3 styles
    -- Introduction to HTML5
    -- Introduction to Responsive Designs/Bootstrap
    -- Introduction to Parallax Designs
    -- Introduction to jQuery/Javascript
  2. Introduction to Latest Web Designing Methods

    -- Introduction Responsive Designs/ Bootstrap
    -- Introduction to Parallax
    -- Introduction to Material Designs
    -- Introduction to SVG
  3. Introduction to SEO & SMM

    -- Introduction to Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization
    -- Introduction to Meta Tags
    -- Introduction to Sitemap.xml, robots.txt, Google Web Master(Site Submission)
    -- Understanding different techniques to perform on website to improve search engine ranking
  4. Introduction to Scripting

    -- Basic introduction to Javascript usage in Web designing
    -- Basic introduction to Jquery usage in Web designing
    -- Understanding of integrating jQuery plugin to website
  5. Small Website Practice

    -- Practice Session of Designing Small Web Pages using different concepts
  6. Website Designing Project

    -- Project Development in environment similar to live project
    -- Practice for planning, organizing, structuring project development
    -- Practice for integrating scripts into website
    -- Practice of Developing different responsive web pages
    -- Practice of basic jQuery Customization
    -- Practice of SEO & SMM optimization
  7. Introduction to Website Hosting

    -- Live demo to publish website on Web Server
  8. Interview Preparation

    -- Preparation to face tough level interviews at companies
    -- Confidence building
    -- Preparing professional resume